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Our Mental Health 
Treatment Offerings

Our residential programs offer in-depth, comprehensive care solutions for people facing aggressive mental health issues.

residential treatment center in florida

Residential Treatment Program

Residential mental health treatment offers a structured environment where individuals can receive comprehensive and continuous care for mental health disorders.


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

All levels of care at Mark Behavioral Health integrate DBT to help patients learn to manage thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and interpersonal relationships.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT in mental health care helps patients identify harmful thoughts and patterns of behavior in order to change them. Our programs offer CBT as a mental health coping tool.


Trauma Informed Care

Trauma is a main driver of mental health symptoms. Find out how we integrate trauma therapy into individual programs to promote lasting recovery.


Sexual Trauma Therapy

Learn to manage the long-term effects of sexual abuse, assault, and domestic violence with help from our certified and licensed therapists.



Families and patients alike will benefit from learning about mental illness, mental health symptoms, treatment, and recovery during our psychoeducational courses.


Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition and wellness services are core components of balanced mental health. Find out how we integrate a nutritional focus to foster a well-rounded treatment approach.


Grief Therapy

Grief is not a mental health disorder, but it can act like one. Unresolved or prolonged grief can greatly affect mental health, which is why we offer grief therapy in all treatment programs.

Borderline Personality Disorder Mark Behavioral Health

Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a mental health condition characterized by intense emotional instability, impulsive behavior, and unstable relationships.


How We Care for People Facing Mental Health Issues

At Mark Behavioral Health, we help Florida residents battling mental health and behavioral health disorders. 

Our residential treatment facility offers an intimate environment  — so we can guide you through each phase of recovery, from the initial crisis to residential care to post-treatment.

We will never treat more than a few patients at a time. That way, you get the individualized care you need with the personalized attention you deserve.

Get In Touch With Us

Our admissions team is available 24/7. Our compassionate staff is here to listen and help you take the first step towards healing.

Complete Pre-Admission

Participate in a pre-admission assessment to help us understand your unique situation. This process ensures our clinical team understands how to best help you.

Schedule Admission

We will work with you to schedule an admission date. Our goal is to make the transition into treatment as smooth as possible for you.

Start Your Recovery Journey

Begin your treatment with us, where you will receive personalized care from experienced professionals. Our supportive environment is designed to help you heal and regain your well-being.

We Work With You to Find Payment Solutions

Mark Behavioral Health works with major health insurance providers in the state of Florida and nationwide.

We also work on an individual basis with patients and their families to find payment options that are comfortable and secure.

Ready to Start Your Mental Health Recovery Journey?

Reach out to one of our qualified mental health solution specialists. We can talk through your treatment needs, help you plan your care stay, and walk you through insurance and payments.


What People Say About Us – JD 160×160 Square

Entrusting yourself or a loved one to others for mental health care can be daunting, yet with Mark Behavioral Health, those fears are alleviated. Not only is the facility aesthetically pleasing, but the true gem lies in its dedicated staff and therapists. It’s clear that each person there is genuinely committed to helping patients improve, which is incredibly valuable.

Justin D.