Mark Behavioral Health Editorial Guidelines

Our Editorial Guidelines

Updated Last June 26, 2024
Published By: Facility Staff

Mark Behavioral Health is a standout mental health recovery center in Florida. And we want our website to reflect the high-quality care we provide in each and every page.

Find out more about our editorial process, including:

  • The way we choose mental health topics to feature on our site
  • The way we discuss mental health
  • How we foster awareness of the importance of adequate mental health care
  • Our commitment to empathy-informed and stigma-free content
  • The team behind our content
  • Our content creation process

How Does Our Content Process Work?

Our content team works to select mental health topics that are relevant and time-sensitive to our audience — people in Florida or nearby areas seeking mental health care and their families.

Once we identify the topics that are pertinent to people seeking mental health recovery, we research, write, edit, and review the articles before publishing them.

Each and every page we publish is carefully reviewed by at least three to five people for factual accuracy, language choice, clarity, and timeliness.

We only include information that is meaningful, backed by credible sources, and up-to-date.

How We Select Mental Health Topics to Feature

To select the topics that are most relevant for our audience, we pay attention to a number of factors.

Some ways we discover topics to cover include:

  • Reading reviews of our treatment center from past clients
  • Scouring mental health treatment research publications
  • Paying attention to news articles regarding mental health and recovery
  • Using keyword research to identify which topics are being searched by our audience
  • Exploring forums, where people with common issues discuss hardships

Armed with this list of topics, we break them into pages, blog posts, and other forms of content to publish.

Our content aims to educate, inform, raise awareness, and end the stigma associated with mental health.

We aspire to achieve this goal by promoting the elevated treatment approach offered by our residential treatment center, Mark Behavioral Health.

The Content Review and Editorial Process

Here is a more enhanced breakdown of how our content process works in real time.

Researching Mental Health Content

First, we research mental health topics using databases, peer-reviewed journals, news websites, and forums.

We only cover topics which can be supported by evidence, facts, statistics, and research to ensure a high standard of accuracy for our audience.

Writing the Articles

After a thorough research process, we craft articles based on a combination of research and storytelling.

Our team of writers have years of experience in writing about mental health topics and connect to the content on a personal level.

Editing for Clarity and Accuracy

Once the writers finish creating the content, editors take over for an editorial review. During this phase, content is edited for:

  • Clarity and flow
  • Ease of readability
  • Lack of bias
  • Factual accuracy
  • Adherence to high-quality content standards

Finally, the pages are published and promoted to our audience.

Updating Our Content

At Mark Behavioral Health, we stand by our goal of producing only the latest information on any given mental health topic.

That’s why we regularly update our content, editing to include the most recent research, facts, and statistics.

If you find any inaccuracies or discrepancies, we invite you to contact us.

The Mark Behavioral Health Content Team

Behind every great source of information is a team who compiled the information, and Mark Behavioral Health is no exception.

We are backed by a team of writers, editors, content managers, and more who craft, edit, publish, and promote our content to ensure our audience receives only the best in mental health content.

The Purpose Behind Our Mental Health Recovery Content

Our primary goal is to connect people with mental health issues to the resources they need — whether that be treatment and quality care, educational information, awareness guides, or others.

No matter what type of help you need for mental health, our content can help you find it.

Our Commitment to Mental Health Awareness and Recovery

At Mark Behavioral Health, our fervent wish is to help people reach mental health recovery — without sacrificing the level of high-quality care and attention each person deserves.

All of our content is aimed toward this same commitment to mental health awareness and our desire to be a mental health resource guide.