Mental Health Inpatient Treatment Near Miami

Inpatient Mental Health Treatment for Miami Residents

Updated Last June 1, 2024
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For people who are located in Miami or the surrounding areas of South Florida, there is quality mental health treatment that is both understanding and considerate at Mark Behavioral Health.

And choosing to seek professional mental health treatment can be a serious and deeply personal decision, but one that can truly be life-changing for many people who are struggling.

Read to learn about the mental health treatment we have to offer you or your loved one, including the types of mental disorders we treat and how to get started in our program.

What Happens in Mental Health Treatment in Miami, Florida?

The care received within a Miami mental health treatment center will vary from one person to the next, as every patient enters treatment with a unique situation and unique needs. 

What happens during your time in treatment will also depend on factors like the severity of your condition and level of care needed, the types of therapies you are participating in, and whether or not you are taking medications. 

Most people who enter treatment share some common goals, while also having mental health oriented goals that are unique to them.

Common expected outcomes for mental health treatment include:

  • Overcoming past trauma
  • Managing symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Learning better coping and communication skills
  • Achieving an overall better quality of life

Levels of Care for Mental Health in Miami, Florida

People with mental health conditions often experience these disorders in vastly different ways and levels of severity, which is why it is so important to choose the right level of care. 

Residential Treatment

  • 24/7 treatment: for people who need access to care at all times or who are in danger of hurting themselves
  • Highly structured: treatment plans are highly individualized and days are highly structured for all patients
  • Comprehensive care: patients have access to all types of care through a multidisciplinary team of mental health professionals

Outpatient Programs

  • Multiple levels: partial hospitalization programs (PHP) and intensive outpatient programs (IOP) for different levels of care needs
  • Step-down environments: which help people transition after a stay in a residential treatment program for a mental health or substance use disorder

Outpatient Services 

  • Lowest cost: these types of services are often the most affordable and paid for on a per-session basis
  • Highest flexibility: services are scheduled around the patient’s schedule and may even be available in telehealth options

What Mental Health Disorders Are Treated in Miami Recovery Centers?

You can find treatment for nearly any kind of mental health or behavioral health disorder in Miami, with most types of disorders treated at Mark Behavioral Health. 

Mental health disorders treated at Mark Behavioral Health and Miami recovery centers include:

Treatment Services in Miami, Florida Mental Health Centers

There are numerous treatment options for mental health that are common to see in most mental health centers in Florida, as well as at Mark Behavioral Health. 

Treatment services in Miami mental health centers include:

  • Psychotherapy: a type of individual therapy during which the patient can talk about their symptoms, triggers, trauma, and anything else that is current in their life. 
  • Behavioral therapy: a subgroup of therapies that address thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and how they are related, as well as how to manage them in healthy ways. 
  • Medication management: for people who are on medications to help with their mental disorders, such as anti-anxiety medications or antidepressants.
  • Psychiatric evaluations: initial assessments performed to determine a person’s needs and how to formulate a custom treatment plan for them. 
  • Dual diagnosis treatment: mental health treatment that addresses co-occurring disorders, often a type of mental health disorder along with substance abuse. 
  • Group therapy and support groups: a type of treatment that takes place in small groups and allows patients to share stories with others and find common understanding. 

Tips for Choosing Quality Mental Health Treatment in Miami, Florida

Simply attending a mental health care treatment program is not enough — it is just as important to choose a program that suits your needs and is of high quality. 

Tips for choosing a high-quality mental health care center in Miami, FL:

  • Visit facilities in person to make sure they are a good fit for you.
  • Check that the facility has accreditations from relevant national organizations.
  • Read testimonials or talk to former patients in person.
  • Ask friends and family members for recommendations.
  • Make sure that the facility has the necessary licensing in the state of Florida.
  • Choose a facility that offers individualized treatment plans.

Cost of Mental Health Treatment in Miami, Florida

The cost of mental health treatment in Miami is affected by a person’s insurance as well as the availability in their area. 

And while outpatient services can average between $100 and $200 for psychotherapy without insurance, residential services can cost several thousands of dollars per month without insurance, even exceeding tens of thousands of dollars per month of treatment. 

However, many mental health care facilities, like Mark Behavioral Health, are willing to work with patients and their families in order to provide care to as many people as possible. 

Does Insurance Cover Mental Health Care in Miami, Florida?

Insurance does cover mental health services much of the time in Miami, FL, though coverage can vary significantly among policyholders. 

This coverage can be affected by factors like the type of plan a person has and whether it is private insurance or state-funded insurance like Medicaid. 

Other Payment Options for Miami Mental Health Programs

People with insurance are not entirely without options, as there are often other ways for people to pay for treatment. 

Many facilities offer the option to pay with cash, and some offer different forms of financial assistance such as payment plans or sliding fee scales based on income. 

Further, people may be able to use scholarships or grants if they apply and are found eligible. 

How to Enter a Mental Health Program in Miami, Florida

Entering a mental health program in Miami does not have to be a complicated process, and you can get started more easily than you might think. 

Steps for entering mental health treatment in Miami:

  1. Choose a mental health facility based on your location and needs and after visiting as many treatment facilities in person as you can. 
  2. Check that your insurance is accepted. You will want to make sure your facility of choice is within your insurance network. 
  3. Choose a mental health program that fits your needs. Decide which level of care is best for you, inpatient or outpatient treatment, and whether you would be most comfortable in a specialized program. 
  4. Confirm your customized treatment plan. After going through an assessment or evaluation with a licensed clinician, you can receive your individualized treatment plan. 
  5. Begin your program and journey toward mental recovery. Getting started can be the hardest part, and now you are officially on your way to a better sense of well-being. 

How Can You Find Mental Health Treatment in Miami, Florida?

Fortunately, no matter where you are located in South Florida and the surrounding areas, Mark Behavioral Health is here to provide you with compassionate mental health care. 

Cities in Florida that Mark Behavioral Health serves near Miami include:

Mark Your Path to Mental Wellness Near Miami, Florida Today

If you or a loved one is struggling with mental illness in Miami or the surrounding areas, our trained and compassionate representatives at Mark Behavioral Health would love to talk to you. 

Our goal is to help individuals all over Florida take control over their mental health and live the healthy and happy life they are dreaming of. We make this possible through a variety of evidence-based treatments and therapeutic approaches. 

No matter what kind of mental health issue you are living with, we are here to help. Contact us today to find out how you can get started on the road to recovery right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there free mental health care services in Miami, Florida?

Yes, it is possible to find free and low-cost mental health care services in Miami through NAMI Miami-Dade County and other local organizations. 

It is important to check the eligibility requirements for these mental health care services, as many of them are income-based or have other requirements.

Can family force you into a mental health facility in Miami, Florida?

Yes, a family member, or another concerned individual such as a mental health professional or police officer, can have you committed involuntarily into a mental health facility in Miami. 

This is possible under the Baker Act, an important piece of legislation in Florida that outlines certain laws and regulations in regard to mental health rights.

Are there eligibility requirements for mental health care programs?

Most mental health care programs will have their own eligibility requirements, especially residential treatment programs where patients live together.

It is also a good idea to check if your program of interest is exclusive to a certain gender or age groups, such as groups specific to women or adolescents.

Is mental health care easily accessible in Miami, Florida?

Mental health care is not particularly accessible in Miami, as Florida ranks 46th out of all 50 states in terms of access to mental health care according to a Mental Health America 2023 report. 

While mental health care is not as accessible at this moment as it could be, there are providers in the area who are working to change this issue. 

And for those in need of accessible care in this area, we also invite you to consider the residential treatment program at Mark Behavioral Health.

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